Propane Line Trimmers

Propane Line Trimmers

Propane is quickly becoming an alternative fuel source for lawn care engines. As public awareness and EPA regulations, strengthen their effect on the lawn care industry, lawn care equipment manufacturers are increasing the money they spend on research & development in the propane departments of their manufacturing facilities.

We have seen a dramatic increase in the number of companies that offer propane powered lawn mowers and leaf blowers.

Line trimmers (weedeaters) are known to produce pollution from the combustion of their fuel/oil mixtures. Due to this pollution, lawn care equipment manufactures are beginning to make inroads in consumer attitudes to propane powered line trimmers. Though propane line trimmers are still from from ideal, the problems associated with the use of propane in a small engine are beginning to dwindle.

Propane line trimmer manufacturers still struggle with the burden of consumers having to purchase and dispose of 1 lb. propane bottles. As soon as a reliable and regulated method of refilling propane bottles becomes widespread, propane line trimmers will sound the death knell of traditional 2 cycle line trimmers.

Lawn care companies are slowly accepting propane as an alternative fuel source. They are able to justify the added expense of using propane by informing their customers that propane is a cleaner fuel source. Lawn care companies that operate in highly regulated air pollution zones are able to legally operate their lawn care companies on “code red” days when other lawn care companies are restricted from doing business with their traditional 2 cycle fueled engines.